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Exhaust chambers

Custom Aire Exhaust Chambers give you the ability to convert part of your shop or factory into a spray area while controlling the overspray and solvents in the air.

Uniform Air Movement

These exhaust chambers are designed to have correct orientation of the exhaust filter cells to promote uniform air movement through the cross section of the paint spraying area. Conservative design of the fan and motor assure that the air flow will be adequate. The standard unit comes with a solid back wall.

Model No.StyleWidthHeightDepthOpeningFan DiaMotor HPExhaust Capacity
ASC1510Auto15'0"10'0"3'0"11'0" x 9'0"34"3HP14,000CFM
CSC1512Auto Truck15'0"12'0"3'0"11'0" x 10'6"34"5HP16,400CFM
TSC1515Truck16'0"15'8"4'0"12'0" x 14'0"42"5HP23,000CFM

A variety of options are available to allow for custom installation. Options include doors in back wall and/or explosion proof or totally enclosed motors. The Custom Aire EXHAUST CHAMBERS are fabricated from 18GA galvanized steel and are easily assembled following AFC assembly instructions.

All models come complete with:

  • Tube-axial fans with non-sparking blades
  • Open type drip proof motor for use at 208/230/460 VAC, 60Hz, 1 or 3 phase
  • All paint arrestors and grids
  • Manometer to monitor porosity of paint arrestors
  • 6 feet of exhaust stack, roof jack, and up-flow cap
  • Installation hardware, blueprints, and assembly instructions

Exhaust benches

The Custom Aire Exhaust Bench features a sturdy workbench combined with a built-in exhaust system for controlling and removing contaminants from the work area.

14GA Galvanized Steel

The top of the workbench is fabricated from 14GA galvanized steel to provide a solid work surface. The front of the exhaust bench is comprised almost entirely of a large filter bank to achieve maximum coverage of the area. The exhaust fan is sized to provide the most effective air flow through the system.

Easily assembled by following the instructions supplied, the Custom Aire EXHAUST BENCH comes in two standard sizes, but can be manufactured to fulfill any individual requirements. Consult AFC for further information and pricing.

MODEL NUMBER: EB1026 – 10’0″wide x 3’0″high x 2’2″deep
MODEL NUMBER: EB1526 – 15’0″wide x 3’0″high x 2’2″deep


  • 1 – 24″ Tube-axial fan with non-sparking blades
  • 1 – 2HP open type drip proof motor for use at 208/230/460 VAC, 60Hz, 1 or 3 phase
  • 14GA galvanized workbench top
  • 18GA galvanized sides and plenum
  • 20″ x 25″ exhaust filters and holding grids

Due to the requirements of individual installations, exhaust stack is not included and must be ordered separately. Options are available and include explosion proof motors and totally enclosed motors.

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