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Direct fired air make-up unit designed for a wide range of industry applications.

High Efficiency

The AMS1000is a direct fired air make-up system designed for use on automotive spray booths. Firing the heater directly into the air stream results in almost 100% efficiency, providing a rapid temperature rise in the booth. This technique enables the AMS1000 to achieve a temperature rise of 80 degrees Fahrenheit over an outside ambient temperature of 0 degrees Fahrenheit.

Temperature Stability

Temperature stability is achieved by use of a two stage burner. When the booth thermostat first signals for heat, the burner initially fires at the full 1,075,000 BTU/hr until the required temperature is reached, at which time it drops to LO fire, approximately 60% of maximum. The temperature is then maintained by cycling between HI fire and LO fire. This bi-level heat system prevents shut-off of the burner which could allow cold air to be pumped into the booth.

Air is introduced into the booth during the PAINT cycle at 14,000 to 18,000 CFM, depending on your requirements. During the DRYING cycle, the exhaust fans are shut off which provides an increase in booth temperature and the positive pressure in the booth keeps dust and dirt out.

The AMS1000 comes complete with a UL listed 1,075,000 BTU/hr direct fired furnace and control, pre-filter, one thermostat, one 34″ air supply fan with variable pitch, non-sparking blades and a 3HP open type motor for use on 208/230/460 VAC, 60Hz, 3 phase. The AMS1000 is constructed of 18GA galvanized steel for strength and durability, designed to be weather proof and comes factory tested and pre-wired to an external disconnect and terminal box. Suggested option is an automated control panel for ease of operation.

The AMS1000 can be mounted on the booth or shop roof and is adaptable for use on the Custom Aire Reversed Aire Flow spray booth, as well as custom installation on many other booths. For the larger truck booths, AFC supplies the AMS2000, with a two million BTU/hr burner.

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