Eurostyle Downflo Spray Booth

The EUROSTYLE Downflo spray booth originally set the standard for spray booths and continues to be a pacesetter in the industry. The EUROSTYLE Downflo spray booth and  its heating system are designed as an integral unit, combining the essentially turbulence-free down flow principle of the booth with the efficiency of a direct fired heater to form a superior environment for spray painting and curing.Eurostyle Downflo Spray Booth with vertical mounted DFM800R

The AFC EUROSTYLE Downflo spray booth is designed to increase productivity by providing a reliable and trouble-free system and comes complete with the DFM800R heat system which has a proven track record for reliability and efficiency on AFC spray booths. This spray booth is powder-coated white inside and out as a standard. Other options and customization are available by contacting AFC directly or through one of our sales representatives.  A user-friendly and fully automated control panel cycles the booth through the entire spray and bake cycles without operator intervention. Timers
and other controls are easily set to control booth temperature for the flash, cure and cool down times. The wide range of control settings will accommodate a great variety of paints and coatings. This spray booth comes complete with all the necessary components and paperwork for installation and operation.

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STANDARD EUROSTYLE SPECIFICATION The following information pertains only to the standard Eurostyle Spray Booth. Specific booths may vary depending on the specific needs of the individual shop owners.
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Elevation Drawing (Adobe Acrobat Reader format)